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Poems by Adrian Manning

Here you will find a selection of poems by Adrian Manning. For more buy available books or write him a letter or an e-mail!

Art work by the incredible Janne Karlsson.

More to come soon!
the dream of a kiss
before death rests on my lips
where it should be
a final breath
transmitted in the darkness
long gone in the wind
should have left a mark
an eternal scar
and the fear of it never
actually happening
wander the still rooms
of sleep looking for
signs of life
the fear that wakes me
the ghost of a ghost
that strikes me dumb
in the early waking
From "Dreams From Under A Rock"
Small Heading
From "These Days, Days Like These"
the crows scare the
light out of the day
sliding and spitting
across the dusk
as minute by minute
the colour sails away
into the arms of
the night
From "13 Poems From The Edge Of Extinction
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