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Adrian Manning - Pushcart Prize nominated small press poet and editor of Concrete Meat Press


Words of praise for Adrian Manning

Manning is a gutsy poet who isn’t scared of vulnerability. He harnesses his fears, as the tough guy, and uses them to confront life’s ever-present threat of death. There is pain in this poetry. It is an old-fashioned pain, an inner anguish so severe, it is realised in the physical.

Matthew J Hall - Screaming With Brevity




A.D. Winans writes of Adrian Manning "...Manning is a poet from the United Kingdom with a strong feel for the language of life, and a street savvy that belies his years." Winans knows of what he speaks. It now seems there is a novice Winans right across the pond.

Doug Holder - Ibettson Update

I accepted a handful of Adrian Manning's poems simply because they were so good, It's no small praise to say these pages are like a few feathers from the tail of a Black Sparrow.

K M Dersley - Ragged Edge

Manning is a UK poet of some worth. We need people like Manning.

Trevor Reeves - Southern Ocean Review

Adrian Manning is on my list of poets I always enjoy reading for being straightforward and visually appealing in his imagery.


Manning takes ordinary quiet moments of daily life & often turns them into something quite extraordinary. 

John Berbrick - Barbaric Yawl

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